Treatment for Autism at Washington Hyperbarics

What HBOT can do

Numerous medical studies as well as stories from physicians and families show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve many of the symptoms associated with autism.

The benefits of HBOT for Autism include:

  • improved cognitive function
  • increase in social interaction and communication skills
  • improved gastrointestinal function

How it works

As any parent of a child with autism knows, there are many theories on what exactly causes the condition. Some studies suggest mitochondrial dysfunction; others propose that it’s harmful chemicals and contaminants in our environment. Some research supports the theory that that the autistic brain is starved for oxygen and brain cells lacking blood flow, remain in a sleeping state.

Because HBOT forces oxygen into brain tissues and improves blood flow, sleeping cells absorb the needed oxygen, swelling is reduced and previously unused brain cells come alive again. The therapy also creates the perfect environment for new tissue growth, helps detoxify the body of chemicals and contaminants, and boosts the immune system’s ability to fight illness.

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