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Undeniable Results

Undeniable Results

Our 10 year old son, Sasha, with Prader-Willi Syndrome and PDD-NOS did 80 sessions of HBOT at Washington Hyperbaric Therapy Center over the summer of 2010 in two sets of 40.

We chose to do HBOT for our son, in part because of the success it's shown for helping many kids on the autism spectrum, but also because he may have had some low grade, but persistent, low oxygen levels due to several years of untreated severe sleep apnea. We thought the mitochondrial dysfunction that likely exists in his genetic syndrome might improve as well. By the 37th session we began seeing undeniable results with really nice increases in language, both receptive and expressive and increases in motor skills.

He also seems more aware, tracking the world around him to a much greater degree and just making more connections between things. His pretend play has been more creative and less rote. He just seems to have matured. His homeschool tutor and other therapists also saw these changes. I remember a day driving in car with him and just thinking, who is this new kid I have.

The changes we've seen have lasted, but with a kid like ours with lots of physiologic and neurological complexity, there are certainly days when they seem less available, or the "fog" moves in for a day. Changes get integrated into how we see our challenged kids and there is always more we want to achieve with them and we quickly forget how they were "before." Next time we do HBOT, and I'm sure we will before too long, I'll do some kind of before and after assessment. For now, we're happy to have found something that really helps him.


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