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Alex's story

Alex's story

My wife and I were feeling the emotions of helplessness after hearing the cerebral palsy diagnosis over our one year old son Alex. The doctors prescribed some medication for his seizures, and told us that his seizures would lead to more seizures without the medication. However, when we studied the side effects of the medication we did not feel a peace in our hearts to move forward so eagerly. We were concerned that it would alter the personality of our sweet little boy.

Shortly after we had this dilemma we providentially stumbled across the hyperabaric therapy approach of Washington Hyperabarics Therapy Center. We decided that we should make the necessary financial and time sacrifices to go 40 sessions and see if it would help. In the process of the 2 month treatment, we saw our son's health improve significantly with making no other changes to his diet or routine. He went from having 4-5 seizures every day to having 0-1 seizure per day. Furthermore, he seemed far more alert and engaged with his surroundings.

I know that the studies are few and far between regarding this therapy, but my wife and I have seen incredible results in our sons health. The reason that we felt so comfortable was that the approach was using natural resources like pure oxygen. Finally, the staff at Washington Hyperabaric were delightful to work with. I treasure the wonderful conversations that I had with Gennaldiy, the technician. If your child has CP, feel free to call me and I will tell you more. You can get my contact information through Washington Hyperbaric Therapy Center.


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