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Parkinson's and HBOT

Parkinson’s disease or PD is a disorder of the central nervous system that impairs motor skills, speech and other mental functions. PD belongs to a group called movement disorders. These disorders typically produce muscle rigidity, tremor and a general slowing of physical movement.

PD affects adults of all ages but is not considered fatal. However, late-stage Parkinson’s may lead to choking, pneumonia or serious falls, all of which can cause death or disability.

What HBOT can do

Parkinson's and HBOT

The symptoms of Parkinson’s can vary in type and severity therefore it can be difficult to predict results. Often HBOT has been discovered effective by “accident” as in the case where a diabetic patient tried HBOT for a foot ulcer but found that the treatment vastly improved his Parkinson’s symptoms. After 50 years of HBOT treatment we do know that hyperbaric oxygen will not worsen PD. Numerous animal studies have shown that HBOT works as an anti-inflammatory and may be used in this way to alleviate the symptoms of PD.


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