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HBOT and Migraines

HBOT for Migraine Headaches

What causes migraine headaches?

When blood vessels in the skull enlarge, the nerve fibers surrounding them become agitated and release chemicals that cause pain, inflammation and further swelling. Blood flow is reduced by nearly 40%, brain tissue is deprived of oxygen and symptoms set in. Migraine symptoms can be disabling and include sensitivity to light and sound and extreme pain. Migraines may also cause nausea, vomiting and poor blood flow resulting in cold hands and feet.

What HBOT can do

Studies have shown that HBOT administered during a migraine significantly improves blood flow and reduces symptoms for the migraine sufferer. The increase of oxygen in a patient’s blood replenishes starved brain tissue, constricts blood vessels and eventually eliminates the symptoms of the migraine headache. Relief occurs within minutes of starting treatment and has lasting effects. Most patients report less migraine occurrences with regular oxygen therapy.

Do you suffer from frequent migraines? HBOT can reduce their occurrence through regular treatment. Schedule an appointment now and get on the road to relief.


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