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WHTC Docs Attend HBOT Conference

May 08, 2012

Last week we showed you some new stories that offered compelling evidence of the benefits of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and while you were checking that out, we were in Gig Harbor at the Helping Others Live Life Initiative's first ever HBOT Wellness Conference.

The Helping Others Live Life Initiative, or HOLLI, is a non-profit startup that works to raise funds for children and families that can't afford HBOT but desperately need it. While safe, legal and effective for a wide variety of conditions, hyperbaric oxygen treatments are often not covered by insurance, which leaves many families without this alternative treatment option. HOLLI seeks to end this problem for Washington families with support from a generous community.

Speakers at the HOLLI conference included Dr. James Bradstreet, an autism researcher and stem-cell therapist, Shannon Kenitz, Executive Director of the International Hyperbarics Assocation and Bill Schindler of the Hyperbaric Therapy Center in Cumming, GA. Topics range from HBOT as an effective alternative therapy for autism to hyperbaric chambers and their role in improving sports performance and sports injury recovery.

HBOT and traumatic brain injury in the NFL

One of the most informative talks came from Bill Schindler, an NFL keynote speaker on TBI and a pioneer in hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an alternative treatment for autism, cerebral palsy and brain injuries.

You've probably been hearing a lot about traumatic brain injury in the news lately, especially after Junior Seau's recent suicide. There's still plenty doctors don't know about TBI and there are few effective treatments. Depending on the area of the brain affected, symptoms can range from mild irritability to complete immobility. Seau shot himself in the chest, as did Dave Duerson in February 2011. Duerson requested that his brain be studied by doctors for signs of damage from years of repeated head trauma. Since then, players, fans, and doctors have been escalating the national conversation about America's favorite sport and the damage it inflicts on athletes.

Can HBOT help?

HBOT can help to restore blood flow and reduce inflammation in damaged tissues, restoring brain activity and promoting new brain cell growth. The treatment has been dramatically successful in some cases with patients experience nearly complete recovery, like young Bart Goldstein who we wrote about last week

Share your Story of Hope

Washington Hyperbaric Therapy Center wants to hear about your experiences with HBOT. Email us at info@washingtonhyperbarics.com and help spread the word about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Whether you received treatments at our clinic or any other, your story can help educate and inspire.


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