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About Washington Hyperbaric Therapy Center

We started WHTC in 2010 to bring the incredible benefits of HBOT to patients in Seattle, Washington. As the first, and still one of few, HBOT clinics in Washington State, we strive to provide affordable and effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy for patients suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis and many other conditions.

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Our mission

About Washington

At WHTC our mission is to give hope to families suffering from any disease or medical condition. We work hard to explore and illustrate the uses and benefits of HBOT. We aim for nothing less than sharing with the entire world the healing effects of HBOT and we strive to vastly increase the average American’s access to oxygen therapy for their families and themselves.

We believe that each patient is unique, with individual concerns and requirements. We take the time to assess your condition, discuss your concerns and create a care plan tailored to your specific needs. We are always dedicated to your complete safety and utmost privacy.

It is our heartfelt belief that every patient and family should be treated with respect and kindness each time they visit. HBOT is absolutely safe when administered by our friendly and professional technicians under the guidance of Drs. Vaiman and Grinberg and it can even be fun and relaxing. We encourage you to read, nap, watch a movie, draw or play games while undergoing treatment and don’t forget to breathe deep!

Our vision

We envision a world that understands and benefits from the healing effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Researchers, patients and fellow physician’s around the globe already use hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an essential first step in caring for many medical conditions. Although the FDA has yet to consider some of the uses for HBOT as “on-label”, studies that are more rigorous than the FDA’s own requirements have shown significant improvement for conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke recovery. Many professional athletes and sports teams utilize HBOT for training and injury recovery and hospitals everywhere regularly treat burn victims with HBOT sessions. A quick search on YouTube reveals many personal stories, some of which we have shared here.

While it’s clear that millions of people are catching on to the benefits of HBOT we still have a long way to go to see that everyone who needs oxygen therapy has access to it. Help us spread the word by sharing your experiences and those we’ve collected here with friends and family and be sure to recommend HBOT to anyone you know who suffers from one of the conditions we can successfully treat.

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